School Fundraisers

Since my boys started preschool, I have been helping with their school's Auction and Galas.  For the past four years, I have helped on the decoration committee for the Holy Trinity School Auction. They put on quite the show and I love to help out. Here are a few of the photo cut-outs I painted for the Under the Big Top themed gala this year.

I also help with the classroom art projects for the Auctions. Below is a mosaic done by 2-3 graders from the Downtown School. They each drew a element from nature. I incorporated their drawings into the mosaic and each of the 36 students were able to work on the mosaic over the course of a few weeks. 

I also helped with my youngest son's preschool class art project. They had a circus unit, which fit perfectly with the theme, so we took some photos of these cuties and I collaged them into a circus theme.